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Creative Muvo Tx-Fm Mp3 Player

Past few days, I had problem with my Creative Muvo TX Fm 1gb mp3 player.

muvo tx fm 1gb

There was something preventing the entrance of headphone jacket. While I was trying to remove that particle, I experienced something weird. When I plugged in the mp3 player to computer, It began in radio fm mode. It was getting power from USB and playing FM. That was something that I wanted to have but never could make it. It was weird though 🙂

Anyways, finally I removed that particle and I tried once again to listen FM when I plugged mp3 player in from USB of my computer but as soon as I did that, it started in ‘data transfer mode’. Getting power from USB for other products remind me that if I push the player in slowly to the USB socket, it will receive power before it docks. So I could cut the data connections on a cable, and just have the power to the player from USB as if getting power from battery. Since the USB voltage will be altered to whatever is required to power the player, it was safe too. Finally I got my Creative Muvo Tx Fm Mp3 player acting as FM receiver while it is connected to my computer. Here are the photos :
Creative Muvo Tx Fm
Creative Muvo Tx Fm

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  1. TDH der ki:

    Just made my day 😀

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