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Good Answer to Greek side Of Cyprus

As South Cyprus, Greek-Cypriot, is accepted to EU membership, they have the rights to veto just like all other member states over every stage of the process. They did good very good job by now. Cyprus (Greek-Cypriot side only) has blocked the aid and trade measures since 2004 for Turkiye and Turkish side. They did as much as they can to stop the relations with other countries.

On the other side, a few weeks ago there was a high-level visit from USA to Ankara. As we learnt from media, they talked about Iran-USA political relations and the position of Turkiye in this debate. During this talk, USA announced that USA welcomes having business with Northern Cyprus side although does not recognize Northern Cyrpus officially. Mr. Ereli, State Department spokesman Adam Ereli answered some of the intentional questions of a Greek reporter in the State Department Briefing. I think the answers were remarkable to quote in my blog so did I:

QUESTION: On Cyprus, what is your position with the British plan for Cyprus? The leader, the other day, by the Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul?

MR. ERELI: The British plan or the Turkish proposal?

QUESTION: That’s what they say. They —

MR. ERELI: Well —

QUESTION: British plan delivered by the Turks. I cannot understand this.

MR. ERELI: What we’re aware of is a proposal announced by Turkish Foreign Minister Gul on January 24th that provided for easing of port and trade restrictions and we have publicly welcomed that proposal. We think it’s positive. We think it’s forward looking. We think it’s welcome in the context of a process in which the Annan plan wasn’t accepted by one side and in which all the parties are looking for ways to engage on the basis of that plan, come up with some changes that might work, and see if we can’t get the process going again.

So, in that context and in that spirit, this proposal was a positive one, a welcome one, and one that we hope will help break the deadlock and push the parties — all parties to be flexible and creative.

QUESTION: Do you support this plan which favors the petition of Cyprus and the president of the Turkish invasion occupation forces, since your government, in the UN Resolution, supports exactly the opposite?

MR. ERELI: Yeah. You know, I don’t want to really get into a discussion of the details of this plan. There are some positive elements in it. What we think is that it represents a step that can help refocus the parties on engaging in a positive way on creative ideas to break the deadlock and to move forward. But frankly, the details of the plan are up to the parties to discuss, not something that I have a comment on.

QUESTION: Any comment on the refusal of Cyprus and Greece not to accept this catastrophic plan since your government is in favor, as you stated in writing last Thursday and you said a few moments ago?

MR. ERELI: As I said, we think it’s a proposal that merits consideration, that merits discussion and that can have a positive impact on negotiations over the Cyprus issue.

QUESTION: Did Secretary Rice discuss the draft of the so-called Turkish plan with Javier Solana of the EU the other day here at the State Department prior to the (inaudible)?

MR. ERELI: I’m not aware of that.

QUESTION: When the first time your government was aware of the existence of this plan?

MR. ERELI: I couldn’t tell you.

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